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NHS Patients

Thank you for choosing Judy Plum Wigs to help you find the perfect product using your NHS prescription, we will try to make the process as fast and straightforward as possible! You can claim your wig online or, if you need some advice, make an appointment to come into our salon OR book a video appointment and we will come to you.



Paperwork and Prescriptions

Your paperwork or prescription can be sent to us by your clinic, by post or e-mail (depending on what clinic/hospital is referring you), or they can give the prescription directly to you. In either case:

  • Please ensure that the authorisation paperwork/prescription has been sent to us (by either post or e-mail) before you claim your wig online or book an appointment. That way we can make sure you can claim your wig straightaway. 
  • If the prescription is given to you, just bring it in when you have your salon appointment. If you are planning to claim a wig online or after your video appointment you will need to send us your prescription by post. 

PLEASE NOTE: We won't be able to send you the wig until we receive the paperwork.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an NHS patient, do I have to pay for my wig?

NO, you don't pay anything. Just remember to bring all you NHS paperwork with you to your appointment and we will take care of the rest.

Are the wigs available on the NHS of lower quality?

NO, 95% of all our wigs are available through the NHS. We understand the importance of quality for our customers and we try to make as many wigs as possible, of the highest standards, available to NHS patients.

Can I get my NHS wig in a different city or town from where I live or from where my hospital is?

YES, you can get your wigs from any wig shop that has been selected by the NHS, regardless of their location. Judy Plum Wigs have an extensive network of agents available around Scotland. You can visit any of them with your NHS prescription, try different styles and get your wig properly fitted with one of our wig specialist, all of it FREE of charge.

Do you do home visits?

YES, we do offer home visits by one of our wig specialist. Please note, home visits need to be approved by the NHS first.

Can my NHS wig be styled/cut?

YES, at Judy Plum wigs you can get your wig styled by one of our specialists.

If you have any questions please email us on: or call us on 0141-248-6619

Using NHS Prescriptions Online

If you have an NHS Scotland Prescription, you are now able to use our website to order your wig.

We have created four easy steps to make this process as simple for you as possible.

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