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  • Story Lace Wig by Ellen Wille
  • Wig Clips
Story Lace Wig by Ellen Wille
Story Lace Wig by Ellen Wille, is a collar length style with natural...Read more
Wig Clips
Judy Plum Wig clips, are specially designed to hold wigs and hair...Read more

All new products

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Buns & Braids

Buns and braids are a simply way to get a messy undone style or a chic, sleek bun or why dont try a cute plated braided style? tie up your own hair, and slip on one of our fantastically easy to use buns or braids and you are ready! 


Clip in Fringes are a great way to update a hairstyle with in a few seconds, they are particularly helpful if you are nervous about cutting one into your own hair. With our fabulous range of clip-in fringes, you can get a salon-styled look in an instant.